Why should I get a Duct Cleaning?

As a homeowner you know that maintaining your home is key to living comfortably and maintaining the Being a duct cleaner might not be the craziest job in the world or the most dangerous, but quite often we find things tucked away deep in the air ducts of homes that would make most people vomit. Not only that, your homes duct system is responsible for supplying hot and cold air to your home which means you are breathing in all the crud, dirt, dust, and pollutants that get trapped in there over time.

Massive amounts of dust, debris, dead skin, mold spores, and other toxins that enter your home every day. However, it is difficult for you to notice them because they are tucked away deep in your homes air duct systems. Out of sight, out of mind right? WRONG! Although the biggest issue we see if a build up of dust and lint (in huge amounts), some of the other things we find could be potentially deadly. Below is a list of our nastiest, grossest, and most stomach-churning finds while doing a duct cleaning.


Number 1: Dead Rat Carcass

Why should I get a Duct Cleaning?

Do you ever sit in a room and wonder, “Why does this room stink so much when I just cleaned it?” Well, the answer could be hiding away just behind your walls. This thing had been here so long that the meat had completely disintegrated and the fur fell off. This means that this rats stench and bacteria had been circulating in the air of this home for months!

How do they get in there? Well, there are many possibilities but the most popular way is through the outdoor vents. Your home exhausts warm and cool air outside through vents, which, typically have flaps to keep rodents out. Over time though, these flaps can rust, break, or stall which provides an opportunity for these creatures to crawl into your home and enjoy the dark, warm/cool temperatures.


Number 2: Mealworms

Why should I get a duct cleaning?

In this particular home we found a family of mealworms in the ducts making their home in a pile of sawdust. Although these are not as toxic as the rat above, how would you sleep knowing there is an army of bugs making a home in your ducts? We can definitely shout a loud “No thanks!”


Number 3: Beetles

Unfortunately we didn’t find the long lost band and we were not serenaded by some soft music throughout the night. Instead, we listened to the small tinkering sound of these beetles crawling throughout the homes ducts.


Number 4: Tons of Pet Hair

This one might not give you the creepy crawly feeling like the others, however, we still think its pretty gross to find enough hair to create a new animal! Most homes with pets know that they need to vacuum or sweep daily to keep up with pets shedding. However, most don’t realize that this fur makes its way into the homes vents and builds up. Why is this an issue? Well, it can trigger allergies, the hair collects dust and clogs your furnace faster which leads to a higher energy bill each month.


Number 5: Construction Debris

So you just bought your new home and are super excited to move in, great! Although it looks spotless on the surface, what if you discovered the ducts were full of sawdust, food containers, dirt, and other garbage that got shoved down there by trades as they worked on the home? This garbage can lead to the quick accumulation of dust and odors in your brand new home. We have heard many home owners say “oh it’s just new construction dust” but most of that could be eliminated by removing it all from your homes heating and cooling system. A large portion of the duct cleanings we do are on new home builds to help ensure you are moving into a truly new home.

You can book a new home duct cleaning with us by clicking here: https://ozone-fx.com/contact-us/


Number 6: Toys + Household Items

If you have ever wondered, “where did the remote go?” or “are there any pencils left in this house?”… we might know where to find them. Almost every clean we find kids toys, pencils, and other household items shoved down the duct system.


Number 7: Dirty Water

If your clothes constantly come out a little moist after being in the dryer, here’s why! This dryer vent was clogged completely with lint and water. Luckily, we caught it soon before it started a house fire or causes a nasty odor in the house. The lady said she had her ducts cleaned a few months ago but it didn’t fix the issue. Most duct cleaning companies don’t inspect the ducts with a camera after, therefore, they would have never known about this issue.


Number 8: Furnace Filter

Do you ever notice your energy bill creeping up and don’t know why? Well, this person found out the hard way! The furnace was working so hard it began to rip the filter apart. This puts a massive strain on the system, breaks down your furnace quicker, and also causes you to use more energy. With every furnace cleaning, we offer a free filter change.


Why should you get a duct cleaning…

Getting a duct cleaning helps you in numerous ways. It helps improve air quality in your home, it improves the efficiency of your homes furnace system, it gets rid of unwanted “visitors”, and it helps reduce the stench in your home.

As a homeowner, it’s easy to forget to clean these because they are not something you see every day however, you should be getting them cleaned every 12-24 months. The duct cleaning and furnace cleaning team at Ozone-FX would be happy to help.

Unlike the other companies, we use advanced roto-brush cleaning technology which actually scrubs your ducts clean like a toothbrush. Most companies use compressed air which fails to remove hard, stuck on dirt, lint, and mold. It also doesn’t always dislodge big items like above.

Before and After…

Here are some before and after shots from a recent cleaning.

Now that you know why to get your ducts cleaned, we can help you get the job done! Get your ducts and furnace cleaned with Ozone-FX. We offer flat rate pricing of $299 which includes:

  • Up to 20 vents
  • Cold air return vents
  • Exterior dryer vents
  • Exterior vents
  • Furnace cleaning
  • Furnace filter replacement

We also have a complete suite of additional services such as

  • Air Conditioning Cleaning – $75
  • HRV cleaning – $20
  • Internal Dryer Vents – $39
  • Humidifier – $29
  • Bacterial Fogging to eliminate all bacteria – $29

If your house already suffers from odors such as smoke, mold, or other toxins, we also have an Ozone blasting service that is guaranteed to remove 99.99% of the odor and bacteria in your home. Get a big discount when paired with a duct cleaned and furnace cleaning.

You can schedule an Edmonton duct cleaning or Red Deer duct cleaning online by clicking here https://ozone-fx.com/contact-us/

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