The need for duct cleaning arises because during the operation of the HVAC system dirt, dust, debris, allergens and other particles build up in the air ducts over time which may adversely effect the indoor environment and performance of your HVAC system.
We recommend cleaning every 2-3 years. If someone in the household has asthma, allergies, or respiratory concerns, it can be more frequent. You may also require them more often is you have pets, more people living in your home, or bring dirt into your home often.
Our system is to use a rotary brush with a high power rotating head that breaks up dust and debris while vacuuming it out at the same time. This machine is the most expensive on the market and delivers the absolute best results in comparison to the other two technologies: vacuum and air sweeping.
Right now, we are new to the market and offering our customers a complete duct cleaning for only $299+Gst. We also offer a suite of additional services such as bacterial fogging to remove odors and dryer vent cleanings. View our home page for current promotions.
With every duct cleaning, we include a furnace cleaning. They often are referred to as air duct cleaning or furnace cleaning but both mean the same thing generally.
Your ducts can get blocked with large piles of dust and debris if they are not maintenance properly. This restricts airflow from you furnace and AC to the rest of your home. Often, homeowners will find themselves turning up the heat in winter, or having the AC on longer in the summers to make up for this poor air distribution. This also results in your heating systems working harder and wearing down quicker. By cleaning your ducts and you're furnace you allow the smooth flow of air throughout your home.
The dryer vent is arguably one of the most important vents to clean. The lint trap catches less than 20% of the actual lint from your clothes. The excess lint ends up in your ducts and quickly clogged up your lines. This is a major fire hazard and can results in around 12,600 house fires per year according to the National Duct Cleaning & Air Quality Association. If you notice your clothes are often taking longer to dry, you have to run the cycle longer, and the dryer is hotter each time you open it, that is a sign you may need to clean your dryer vents ASAP!
The best way to know that your system was cleaned properly is to visually inspect the system. Our team offers state of the art video inspection that allows us to show you the deepest parts of your ducts after each cleaning. This way you can see the before and after yourself.

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