Fireplace & Chimney Cleaning Red Deer

Ozone-FX offers chimney sweep & fireplace cleaning services to a variety of business owners and companies in Red Deer and Central Alberta.

Everyone loves a cozy fire on a frosty morning in Alberta. Fireplaces, inserts and wood stoves are popular, particularly in autumn and winter, for the warmth and cozy atmosphere they bring to a home.

However, 1 in every 7 household fires starts from a wood-burning appliance. Our team is WETT Certified and will remove creosote build-up from your flue to improve your fireplace ventilation and prevent a fire.

To keep your home safe, book a chimney sweep service with us today!

Common Fireplace Cleaning Q&A's

How Often Should A Chimney Be Cleaned?

We recommend any wood burning flue that is in use to be cleaned every year. Fire departments strongly recommend annual inspection and cleaning. For oil chimneys, furnace or boiler, we also recommend yearly cleaning and inspection. Oil soot can clog a chimney or furnace causing it to malfunction. Also inspecting the chimney system will make sure it’s venting correctly. You don’t want a poisonous gas seepage into your house.

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How Does A Chimney Sweep Clean The Flues?

Being WETT certified, we have the training to properly sweep your chimney, recognize problems and issues and conduct WETT inspections. (WETT stands for Wood Energy Technical Training.) It is the only chimney sweep training recognized by insurance companies.

Our sweeps will sweep the chimney from the roof or do a “push-up” from the bottom, depending on the best access point. We use wire, bladed and poly brushes to clean the different types of chimneys.

With fireplaces we clean up inside the smoke chamber and smoke shelf (where most of the time the damper rests) and of course the fire box, removing soot and ash.

With wood stoves or inserts we clean the inside of the unit, the baffle system, any smoke pipes that lead to the chimney as well as removing ash from the firebox and clean-out. We wash any glass doors and lube the hinges.

With oil flues we clean the smoke pipe that leads from the furnace to the chimney, the heat exchanger inside the furnace and the clean-out.

After our cleaning, we will give you a brief report on the chimney condition and let you know if any improvements are needed.

Gas Fireplace Cleaning

Gas fireplaces are becoming very popular in new homes, house remodels and even some advanced level DIY home improvement projects. There are a number of benefits to a gas fireplace including the removal of the chores: chopping, stacking and carrying wood into the house as well as cleaning the ashes left from the previous fire. However, avoiding cleaning your fireplace is not one of those benefits. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), some of the new gas fireplaces still recommend or require an annual chimney cleaning.

Not all gas fireplaces are created equal. Some are fueled by natural gas or propane gas. Some are yellow flame or blue flame. Some require venting systems and some don’t.

We recommend doing gas fireplace cleanings every 2-3 years since it does not produce the same level of creosote as a wood burning fireplace.

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