AC cleaning in Red Deer

Air Conditioning Cleaning in Red Deer

Keeping your residential or commercial Air conditioning unit in top condition requires regular maintenance through it’s lifetime. Neglecting yearly maintenance can result in expensive breakdowns and increased cooling costs. Ozone-FX Offer annual AC cleaning to help keep your Air conditioning running as cool as a cucumber.

Keeping Your AC Clean & Running Smooth

Filter Cleaning

Air conditioning units all have a filter that should be routinely replaced. If your filter is clogged, dirty, or blocks normal airflow, this will reduce your systems efficiency. Obstructions like this prevent normal airflow through the AC coils and can reduce your AC efficiency by 5% to 15%

Some types of AC filters are reusable: which others must be replaced. When our team performs and AC cleaning, we replace your filter or clean it depending on the filter style. The more frequently you run your AC, the more often you should check and clean your filter. Our team has maintenance plans to help keep it running smooth!

Air Conditioner Coils

Air conditioner coils can collect enormous amounts of dust, dirt, and debris throughout an entire year. If your home is in a dusty area or the unit is near lots of foliage, these coils become more quickly clogged. Even lawnmower clippings often find their way into these coils.

The Ozone-Fx team will remove all this dirt, dust, and debris by performing a complete air conditioning cleaning.

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